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September 25, 2011
Right Web Monitor 3.0.512 has been released.

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Just click the "Download" link and select "Run this program from its current location" when asked to install program you selected. Each distribution package contains a license file, an executable file and service files needed for the program to work correctly. Instructions to uninstall the program are contained in "readme.txt" in each distributive.


Product name Version License type File/Size
Right Web Monitor
this handy tool lets you  automatically check your favorite Internet resources and detect changes in their content.
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Regular 3.0.512 Trial  Download (EXE self-installing) 
(9.839.754 bytes)
 Download (ZIP archive) 
(9.758.230 bytes)
Pro 2.5.194 Trial Download (EXE self-installing) 
(3.766.204 bytes)
 Download (ZIP archive) 
(3.743.534 bytes)
Express NewsPictures
this powerful image grabber will allow you to download thousands of pictures from the newsgroups within a few minutes!
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2.41 Trial Download (EXE self-installing) 
(1.471.861 bytes)
 Download (ZIP archive) 
(1.443.997 bytes)
RightFTP is a free FTP client for Windows with wide range of features. It is easy to use for beginners and has enough features to meet the requirements of power users .
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1.0 Freeware  Download (EXE self-installing) 
(768.925 bytes)
Download (ZIP archive) 

(738.695 bytes)

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